Beautiful Formal Living Room Curtains

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Color Living Room Curtains Ideas

Nowadays we see many windows that simply remain empty. That is of course a good choice to let in as much light as possible. But often a room gets a bit cold and empty. And did you know that with curtains you can create a real five-star hotel feeling in your living room? Formal living room curtains are back and there are all kinds of new types and models. They are also used in a totally different way nowadays. But how do you create that feeling of luxury and abundance right in your house? This is in a number of well-coordinated elements.

For a luxurious and peaceful atmosphere you choose colors within the same shade, but always in a slightly different shade from darker to lighter. You do this for your walls, but also for your curtains , furniture and accessories. A beautiful large artwork or art object on a pedestal can also provide a luxurious look. Match the shades to your interior so that it fits within the whole, but also comes out nicely.

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Always good for a luxurious atmosphere of abundance: floor to ceiling and room-wide curtains of a beautiful, luxurious fabric. Especially in old houses you can create a real atmosphere maker in a room. With textile you can add a cozy, homely and warm atmosphere anyway.  Long, full curtains make a room appear larger and also more luxurious.

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