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Solid Wood Floors Living Room

Dark hardwood floors living room – The room receives the most attention at home, due to frequent pedestrian traffic. Dark wood floors in the living room are both visually appealing and frustrating, since dirt and dust accumulation is obvious if it is not well maintained. In addition to maintenance, the design of your living room also requires patience, as your furniture becomes the focal point of the room when contrasted with the darkness of the floors.

Paint the walls of your living room white or a soft color to balance the room. The combination of dark floors and dark walls results in a monotonous and depressing room, which conflicts with the mood heads the living room. Cover one wall in a bright color like an accent wall. An accent wall brings attention to the wall and nothing in it, which decreases the natural tendency to focus on dark floors.

Decorate the room with light colored furniture. Neutral color furniture creates an aesthetically pleasing combination in the living room, as the color of the furniture balances the dark floor. Place a rug in the living room to break the amount of darkness in the floor room. Swap the carpet as desired to refresh the appearance of the space. Set the mood with ambient lighting, which can soften a room that is too dark and is relatively cheap.

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