Chandelier For Low Ceiling Living Room Ideas

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Crystal Flush Mount Ceiling Light

In a spirit of original chandeliers lit from light, you can make this chandelier by grouping together small crystals of candle holders. Create a chandelier for low ceiling living room that you can hang anywhere, without cables or electricity. Imagine decorating your garden with softly lit candle chandeliers, occasionally placing a glow over your plants and patio.


Mount your material, choose your warmth chandelier living room holders to suit the interior of your home or garden. You can find thermos in all shapes, sizes and colors of your local home, discount or dollar store. Choose warmth holders with smooth sides so that gluing them together is easier. Glue together four heat candle holders in a row with the waterproof adhesive. Liquid Nail works well, and it comes in a clear variation. Make four sets of four holders glued together in a straight line.

Make four sets of two holders, glued together on the sides. These will be placed between each of the four string sets that you form a star shape. Forms a cross with each of the four strings sets that meet in the middle of the glass around. Glue any part of the tea candle holder to the touch of the glass around and to each other. Transform your cross shape into a star shape by adding a set of two string holders between each of the four string holders and gluing them in the same way as the others. Allow the glue to dry completely. Cut four pieces of fish line or wire, if you prefer, about twice as long as you want for your chandelier for low ceiling to hang, plus 8 inches.

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