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Primitive Curtains Decor Ideas

Primitive pictures for living room decor offers a warm and cozy style for your living room. The natural fabrics and worn accents used in this style reflect a sense of the history of a simpler era. Wool, cotton and linen dress the windows and furniture. Wood, metal and ceramics are used to personalize your room. A beginner can combine these elements to create a primitive living room that is attractive and comfortable.

Select a color that reflects the primitive style and paint the walls. Subtle, darker shades of forest green, burgundy, navy blue or ocher are options that complement your decor. Plan your floor. A, dark wood floor, wood with a matte finish is ideal. Braided scattering carpets accent on the floor to add color. Cover your upholstered furniture with natural fiber covers. Bedding in a shade of raw color provides a beautiful touch of walking home to your room. Dim pictures of dark colors will also work well.

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View your windows with simple linen or cotton panels. Suspend them from a wrought iron bar and lure them to the side with a metal hook mounted on the wall. Accent your sofa and chairs with a generous number of pillows. Complement the fabrics that have been displayed on your furniture and look for ornaments, such as buttons or appliques of old quilts. Painting accent wood boards.

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