Garage Door Living Room Can Also Look Good

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Garage Door Dining Room

You may not immediately think of garage door living room when it comes to residential inspiration. Where a garage door does not only have to be practical, it can also look good. You do not want logically that it detracts from the display of your home. How about mint green? Daring, but it can give your home a little more allure. Mint green fits very well with a house with a predominantly white exterior.

Reseda green (a mix between gray and green) can for example give a house with dark (red) bricks a very nice face. Or blast the spring all year round and consider a warm golden yellow shade. Golden yellow fits perfectly with a house whose primary exterior color is gray or white, but also with stone (color).

And yes. Even a purple tint is an option that you can consider. For just imagine how a concrete building can live on, or a building with white or beige bricks. A sectional door opens vertically whereby the slats are hung under the ceiling when you open the door. The great advantage of a sectional door is that you can optimally use the space for the garage. This is not the case with a tilting door since the door leaf rotates outward during opening.

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