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Art Owl Living Room Ideas

Owl living room decor – There was a time in the living room called the room. It was where guests are welcome to sit and visit. Of course, the size of the living room is determined by the size of the house and is generally proportional to the general square footage of the house.  As a form of scarecrow, owl statues that look real can discourage mankind from grass and garden pests, which act as decoys to indicate the possible presence of a natural predator of rodents and smaller birds that can cause problems for homeowners .

However, since deterring unwanted animals can be a challenge. Owl statues are more easily used simply as a natural-style decoration option for outside the home. Choose a life-size replica of an owl that shows natural attributes. A statue with realistic markings. Especially one that is equipped with movement and sound functions, mimics the characteristics of a natural predator.

Select a suitable location for the lure, such as the top of a pole or the edge of a roof. A tall perch would provide an eagle owl with a clear view of the potential prey.  Certainly, if you are open to the formal lobby and dining room, you will have to coordinate with the similar color and style.

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