Harmoniously Kitchen And Living Room

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Farmhouse Living Room Decor And Kitchen

Kitchen and living room is a great way to gain friendliness, space and modernity. Certainly, but if the room opens on the living room , how to arrange it? Should we decorate it in harmony? Where to place the sofa in relation to the kitchen? Should we separate the two spaces? Depending on the surface you have and the layout of your living room, a plethora of solutions are available to you…

When the kitchen opens onto the living room , you have to think about the layout of the living room so that the two spaces blend harmoniously . Turned to the kitchen or placed nearby, the living room is in a friendly setting. Behind the stoves, sofas and armchairs visually separate the spaces, just as a carpet and a contrasting floor can succeed in doing so. On your tone or in a mix and match, the living room and the open kitchen meet and complement each other.

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Another visually subtle solution to separate the kitchen from the living room: the claustra. This architectural element, available in multiple materials, is quickly fixed between spaces to emphasize their development. For those who do not have the urge to embark on this type of installation, the installation of a simple design and openwork storage cabinet, between the two living spaces, can suffice.

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