How To Paint Ceramic Tiles Living Room

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Painting your ceramic tiles living room is a creative way to express your artistic ability and to change the look of your room. You can draw a freehand pattern or use stenciling to create the desired mural. The drawing may need only one color for a fleur de lies or other simple design or it may be a complete scene painted in contrasting colors. This is much cheaper than buying a mural and it will be rewarding to know that you have created the technology.


Clean tiles and grout. Use ammonia cleaner or a slip tile living room cleaner to ensure that all grease, dirt and oil are removed from the surface. Paint over the plate with a primer. Make sure it is suitable for ceramic tiles. You will find this and you’re other colors on hardware, color or home delivery centers. Choose the color colors you need to complete your artwork. Choose semi-glossy or high gloss oil-based colors for this job.

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Draw a free hand design with a pen on tiles living room you want to paint. Alternatively, you can buy a stencil at a craft, hobby or home delivery store. Tape the stencil on the wall with tape measure and make sure it is centered by measuring the edges on both sides. Tape around the area you want to paint with paint tape to avoid passing the margins of the design. Paint the area and make sure to use a color where it is needed before with a different color. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly for at least three days. Add two layers of water urethane. Allow the first layer to dry before the second coating.

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