Ideas For Living Room Showcase Of Awards

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Wooden Showcase Designs For Living Room

Living Room Showcase – There are numerous ways to display awards given in recognition of past achievements. The way you want to view your awards will depend on the type and style of the award. Whether it’s a tall trophy, a plaque or a medal, awards presentation Screen content is an excellent way to commemorate your achievements.

A glass trophy cabinet is a good way to show trophies or special medals that you have won. You can buy a showcase of trophies, have one built or if you are an expert with wood and glass you can build your own showcase. While glass trophy cases exhibiting school trophies are common in school halls, a glass trophy case in a house can be a good way to show personal awards and achievements. In some cases, you can use a used glass display case from a retailer as a prize showcase and you can pay less or even get a consumer sale case used for free.

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A trophy shelf is a cheap but effective way to show prizes. Build a trophy shelf and use it as a centerpiece of a wall. In an office, when possible, place the shelf just behind your desk, slightly above eye level, so when people are sitting in front of you they face trophies. In a house, place the platform, either on the wall behind the television, so when people are watching TV or visiting with you they will see your prizes. However, for those who prefer a more modest approach; Place your trophy platform in your bedroom.

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