Living Room Storage Cabinet Wall Ideas

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Best Idea Living Room Cabinets

Living room storage cabinet – Wall cabinets and pendants are not just for kitchens. They make for excellent and attractive storage in living rooms and other open spaces. The installation of a set of hanging wall cabinets introduces more storage into the room, as well as gives another design element in the space and erases it from excess clutter. Hanging cabinets on the wall allows for easier cleaning of floors from the living room and gives the room a more open feel. Such cabinets can be customized for space of any size.

Place the two joints 1/2-inch by 24 inches by 36 inches up on their small, thin ends. Make it form parallel to each other about 2 feet apart, since these are the side boards of the closet. Set a 1/2-inch by 24-inch by 24-inch board across the top, with the outside of the side boards flush with the edge of this board, which is the top board.

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Drill five holes through the top plate in one arrangement, even along both sides of the board and into the side boards below, for a total of 10 holes. Place the 1-inch wood screws in these holes and use a drill to tighten them perfectly. Reverse the structure and add a lower board of 1/2-inch by 24 inch by 24 inch with the same method.

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