Porcelain Tile Living Room Ideas

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Porcelain Tile Living Room Indoor Ideas

Porcelain tile living room are baked at high temperatures, making it a durable option for floors or countertops. Save a few tile remnants for replacements in case the tile floor is damaged or on the counter, and use the rest in creative projects around your house. If the crafts are not your style, donate the tiles for the art department of your child’s school or for a charity that they can use in a housing construction project.

If you have a window, tile the flat surface to protect the wood from moisture when you set up plants in the window. Make a decorative support for a potted plant by gluing four ceramic tiles together at the edges. Paste an additional tile at the bottom. For a weekend project, buy a piece of furniture used, stripping it of paint or varnish and repainting. Make a new top of the leftover tiles, either whole or set in the mortar like a mosaic. Apply mortar and seal the tiles so they are water resistant. Small tiles with felt back glued on make-up inexpensive coasters for glasses.

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Create a message center with the remaining tiles. Glue three tiles and a piece of cork cut with the same size in a square on the wall near the kitchen door or in the small room at the entrance. Use dry erase markers on the tile to leave messages. And then attach markers on the cork to hang coupons or permit tickets that must be returned to the school. A porcelain tile left over is an attractive alternative for the art room, workshop or garage. Craftsmen can set hot-glue guns and brushes on them.

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