Storage Cabinet For Living Room Ideas

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Storage Cabinet Cabin For Living Room

Storage cabinet for living room is an ideal source for storage in all rooms and different shelves styles enhance any type of interior. Whether you want to use shelves to view family photos or store movies, the installation takes very little time to complete, no matter what homeowner experience level and requires only basic tools. Floating shelves and wall-mounted shelves are two common styles to choose from for living rooms. Once you have installed the shelves, arrange your decor to complete the space.


Bracket Shelves

Locate the studs in your wall with a stud sensor. Use a pen to mark stud mode so that you know where the bars are located during installation. Studs are usually located at 36 inches, so look up other stud before installing storage cabinet for living room brackets. If you cannot locate a stud, drill the screws in the wall anchors for support. Drill holes in the wall of the pencil markers and secure the two standards on the wall with a screwdriver and provide wall screws. After drilling the first screw on top of the first standard, use a level to make sure it is solder that you install the rest of the screws.

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Insert the storage cabinet for living room into the notches for standards. See the standards also by keeping the second standard up on the wall, attaching the shelf bracket and placing a level over both brackets to check it yet. When the level, fix the second standard on the wall using the drill and screws. Place the shelf over the brackets. Arrange books, videos or decor on the shelves to complete the look.

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