Super Cozy Fluffy Rugs For Living Room

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Fluffy rugs for living room are an important part of the design of many rooms. Thanks to this type of coating, you can change every gender and emphasize its individuality. These accessories are not as simple as they seem. They are quite fickle. And for complete harmony they meet certain requirements and have a number of functions. Fluffy carpets are a unique design solution. They are far from the analogies of the Soviet era. In most cases annoying and spoiling the whole idea of ​​the interior.

This is a modern type of floor, with the most important difference being the execution method. And the length of the post. In contrast to lint-free carpets, where only two threads (longitudinal and transverse) are involved, rugged carpets are more difficult to produce. The pattern of this carpet is formed by the nodules. They are attached to the filaments of the base (the back) according to the drawing.

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By attracting their fluffyness and pleasant touch. Such products can furnish different types of rooms. Soft rug has a relaxing massage effect for the feet, but it should be taken into account that they are not designed for spaces with heavy traffic. Living room furniture distinguishes itself by medium or small stack, and in most cases have a small size, bought for a specific zone.

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