Theatrical Themed Living Room Decor Ideas

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Best Movie Themed Room

Living room decor ideas – With the cost of the rise of movies in theaters, more families have opted to decorate and use their living room in their own home theater. With some well thought out decoration ideas, you can transform your living room from the ordinary to an extraordinary gift for you and your whole family. Your family will soon climb the movie night several times a week.

Set the tone in the dark watch movies covering a whole wall instead of just the individual windows. Hang a bar from the curtains to the full length of your window wall to give the illusion of a theater stage. If your television or screen is not on that wall. It is the illusion that you are looking for. Venture to reflect the curtains on the opposite wall. Make or buy rich, dark red, velvet curtains, and add long, thick, gold, ingot-fringe on the top of the bottom 12 inches of your velvet curtains to the look of a theater stage the old times.

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Use carpets to set the stage for your cinema in the living room. Place your furniture to differentiate a hallway through your room to the screen or television. Add a hallway to your carpet. Carpet installers can piece a contrasting color carpet aisle across the room, or, for a temporary aisle acquire a corridor that can be stowed behind a sofa when not in use. Select a theatrical-looking rug, a red carpet surrounded on both sides with gold stripes helps coordinate your curtains and advance your theatrical illusion.

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