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Contemporary Large Living Room

Contemporary living room furniture – When we talk about the coming year’s housing trends, it is easy to focus on what colors, materials and styles we are going to dream of in 2019. But this year there is one buzzword, in particular, we have to start looking at, because it permeates everything in this year’s interior design: sustainability. Environmentally sound materials and a good indoor climate will be this year’s great interior stars.

If a home is to be in harmony, it cannot include furniture that stands and emits gases, has been produced under adverse circumstances or has required a lot of pollution. The desire for the natural goes back to this year’s color scale. We are moving away from the orgy of strong colors we saw in 2018, but that certainly does not mean that we have to settle for painting our walls white in 2019.

The colors and materials of the decade will surely make a big comeback. After some time with lots of blingbling, shiny brass and soft velor, we go for a time with back-to-basics, more simple living and fewer strong colors. You need to add velvet to your decor, because it is not only fashion that the wavy fabric makes a comeback.

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